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Most of the objects pictured here, are or were for sale through this website, with a portion (10% or more of the proceeds going to various charitable causes). When we say 10% or more is donated, that means that for the work of art to to be featured here, that is the minimum amount considerd. Most will have considerably more given to charity.
If an images is marked as SOLD, it means that a painting is no longer available, in some cases it may have been donated with no money exchanged.
Different works will have different percentages desidnated, as different works of art have different expenses and time involved, have not figured all of that out yet.
Also, it is planned that the purchasers will be able to choose from several charities. Charities are chosen for their good reputations and fiscal respnsibility. More may be added in the future.

Doctors Without Borders, USA Samaritan's Purse Kids Alive Compassion International
Advancing Native Missions Catholic Charities USA Habitat for Humanity The Salvation Army
The Red Cross The Navigators Toys for Tots Make a Wish Foundation
Institute for Justice Adoption Foundation Disabled American Veterans St.Jude Children's Research Hospital
Matthew 25 Ministries Direct Relief Mercy Ships

The above charities are diverse in causes and are some of the best in how well the use their funds
We recommend using Charity Navigator to help you evaluate charities.

Perhaps later, other artists may specify the charity the prefer to donate to.

Casa Grande Acylic on Canvas T. Freeland Artist

                                                        Casa Grande 

Acrylic on Canvas Painting of area around Casa Grande, Arizona. By T. Freeland - Commissioned

                                                     Desert Scent 

Desert Scent, so named because the yellow flowered plants emit a lovely aroma when rains in the Mojave Desert.
Acrylic on canvas painting by T. Freeland, frame made from old, weathered lumber from the desert. 

Desert Scent 2 - Acrylic on canvas painting by T. Freeland

                                                              Desert Scent II 

Desert Scent II, acrylic on canvas painting by T. Freeland - based on Desert Scent,
but the sky  was changed to seem more active, the ground and rocks made more reddish
and taller, and the generic shrub on the left was replaced by a taller, Ocotillo plant with red blossoms.

The Monastery at Petra, Jordon. Acrylic on canvas painting by T. Freeland

                                                            The Monastery 

This acrylic on canvas painting by T. Freeland is of the Monastery at Petra, Jordan. A Photograph
taken by Carol Freeland in May of 1986, served as the inspiration for the painting. 


Monument Valley Panorama acrylic painting by Terry Freeland

                                                      Monumental View 

                                                         Rising from Ashes 

     36" X 30" Acrylic on canvas original by T. Freeland - unframed - $886 went to charity

Acrylic paining by T. ( Terry ) Freeland


Red Tide - Acrylic on Canvas - T. Freeland

Red Tide (the original) is an acylic paint on stretched canvas painting by artist T. Freeland. It is 30 inches wide by 20 inches high and 3/4 inch  thick. $725 unframed, $650 will go to charity

                                                            Red Tide 

Bryce Canyon Trail

 Canyon Trail 

36" X 24: Acrylic on canvas - T. Freeland - Original sold, Limited Edition (unframed) Prints Available

Canyon Trail depects a scene at Bryce Canyon in Utah. The rriginal was sold for $390, back in October of 2015. It hase been resold to a new owner for $600. Limited Giclee prints of this painting are available. These come in two sizes, and are available un-textured or hand textured by the original artist to closely resemble a painting. They are unframed, stretched canvas. In the image above,inside the frame, you see a black border. That is not matting, it is a black border which was painted on canvas originally, and is also on the Giclee.These Giclees are limited editions No more that 10 of each will be produced to protect the value of your investment.. Full sized, textured ones are $300, full sized un-textured ones are $200.  Of that price, $66 dollars is taken (kept) to cover costs of reproduction, shipping and handling. Smaller Giclees are 24 inches wide by 16"  high, 3/4 inch thick. Price un-textured is $135 and textured are $185. From those prices, 57 dollars is taken to cover reproductions costs and packaging and shipping, the artist is donating the balance to a charrity listed at the top of the page. You may designated which charity, or you may leave that up to us to choose.

Kenya Dawn, by T. Freeland Painted to raise
 funds for Kids Alive International, Kenya

     This original is not for sale here, at this time, but it shall be
in the future. If you wish to purchase reproductions and/or other
roducts with this image, they can be had at:

                                      Fine Art America 

 Below, is Vicente Sunset, 39.5" X 19.5" Acrylic on canvas painting,
   The sky, island, sun, and ocean were not painted with a brush,
 they were painted with fingerprints and thumbprints by the artist!
      by T. Freeland,  Charity not yet designated.  Finished 11/18/17    

Vincente Sunset - Acrylic on Canvas painting by T. Freeland


 Below, is Final Voyage, 36" X 20" Acrylic on canvas painting of the last run of  the freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank with all hands lost. Painted  by T. Freeland,  benefitting the Navigators.  Finished 12/15/17

Final Voyage Edmund Fitzgerald acrylic on canvas T. Freeland

Below is a painting in oil on stretched canvas, by M. Kieth.

The canvase is 24 inches by 12 inches (not including the frame), but
the frame is included with the painting.

M Kieth Oil Painting Night Surf Seascape

The painting above is available for sale at

Below is a framed print by Joni Eareckson Tada called "Light in the Forest". This Artwork was originally sold to benefit Joni and Friends, which helps the disabled community. Now it is offered again to benefit the same charity. Though this is now a pre-owned work of art it is nice that we can offer it, so that it can benefit others twice!

Light in the Forest - Joni Eareckson Tada

Below is a framed print by Joni Eareckson Tada called "New Life". This Artwork was originally sold to benefit Joni and Friends, which helps the disabled community. Now it is offered again to benefit the same charity. Though this is now a pre-owned work of art it is nice that we can offer it, so that it can bebefit others twice!

Below is an acrylic on stretched canvas by T. Freeland  called "Trinitree". This Artwork was commisioned by the buyer who wanted something that was either Abstract, Pop Art, or Impressionism, contain all the colors of the rainbow, and might be a conversation starter with guests in her home. The artist did a quick sketch of an idea, and the customer said "do it".


Nighthouse - Acrylic on Canvas bt T. Freeland

Nighthouse T. Freeland acrylic on canvas painting